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About Ivor Swartz

"As it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a country to raise a generation." - Ivor Swartz

Ivor is a young and emerging leader and speaker in the fields of mentorship, leadership, motivation and storytelling around the country. He has a unique way of communicating simple truths to people and motivating them to be their unique self. He has a passion to see young people live better stories, and has been working with youth in schools, churches, prisons and camps since 2007.

At the age of 15, he got involved in drugs and street gangs as an escape from the unbearable circumstances at home. His choices got him sentenced to 6 years in prison. And it was only after his release that he began to live a better story. He found a fresh calling, to inspire the youth to dream about a better future, to believe that it’s possible, and to do everything they can to reach it.

Last year he visited over 50 schools across the country, and always walk away with greater hope for the future of our country that is in the hands of the next generation. He obtained a degree in Theology, and is currently busy with his Honors degree in Theology. He works at St. Paul's United Church, in the South of Johannesburg, as a Pastor to the Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

Ivor has been married to Nadine for two years now, and together they embrace life and ministry with great zeal.