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Blog: Ivor Swartz

Youth pastor. Music festival-goer. Street Food-eater. Story-teller. Speaker at churches. Future food-truck owner. husband. trial and error human

You Are NOT “just”

Ivor Swartz
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Many people, when you ask them what they do, respond with “oh, I’m ‘just’ a *fill in the blank*:

  • “I’m just a teacher”
  • “I’m just an accountant”
  • “I’m just a pastor”
  • “I’m just a mom”

Because someone, somewhere, made us believe there’s certain professions to which the word ‘just’ MUST precede whatever they do. And certain professions or callings are exempt from that.

2019-06-20 14:17:09

You’ll Never walk Alone

Ivor Swartz
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In a total unexpected twist of events; the kind that no movie director can come up with- Liverpool, the Premier League’s most loved and hated team, came back and won the semi-final of the Champions League against the people’s favourite, Barcelona FC.

2019-05-11 06:07:36